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You should take the following into account when feeding pigeons during the breeding season:

The only way to guarantee strong youngsters is to ensure the breeding pigeons are given the best preparation before pairing, and then to provide them with the proper care during the breeding season. A balanced diet is one of the most important ingredients to ensure the best results from breeding.

We advise giving Natural Finesse Breeding from ten days before pairing. It is also advisable from that moment to give the breeding pigeons Naturamine+ alternated with Kolombavit in their drinking water for at least two days a week.

If the breeding pigeons are cared for in this way, they will lay eggs without problems and pass on their best qualities to their young. During the breeding period, it is important to give them Vitamineral, Grit and Picking Stone every day. Finesse Mineral Mix is a good alternative and is a total package of minerals and vitamins in one product.

Thanks to the highly varied composition of Natural Finesse Breeding, and the small form factor of the ingredients, this feed is digested perfectly. This ensures the pigeons receive the right dose of proteins necessary to breed successfully.

After the breeding pigeons have switched from pigeon milk to grain feed, and the cock begins to take an interest in the hen again, mix Garlic Oil or X'tra Oil into the Natural Finesse Breeding and dry the mixture with Vitaminor or NutriPowder+. Wait about an hour before feeding the pigeons to allow the mixture to dry.

Feed young pigeons Finesse Light in combination with Natural Finesse Breeding from three weeks after weaning.Add up to 33% of Performance 20 into the mixes. This concentrate is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. Both the breeding pigeons and the youngsters will benefit from this.

These proteins also ensure optimal growth of the young birds. Useful info: 25 days after hatching, the youngsters are already 100 times heavier! Feed Natural Finesse Breeding from weaning until the end of May.

The youngsters are subject to a special type of stress. The feed given to young pigeons should be switched from Natural Finesse Breeding to Finesse Youngsters from the beginning of June.

Ensure the drinking water is changed daily to ensure it is of the best quality. By acidifying it slightly, you can avoid bacteriological pollution and stimulate the intestinal flora of the pigeon. Aqua Care can be combined with Naturaline without any problems whatsoever.

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