Finesse Moulting/Rest


Take the following into account when feeding pigeons during the moulting and resting season:

Moulting is a difficult period for pigeons. After the uninterrupted exertions of the racing season, the pigeon’s body needs to rest, but pigeons replace all their feathers during this period. As a result, they need a lot of essential amino acids so they can grow a new set of feathers.

Feathers mainly contain mineralised proteins such as keratin, which is rich in sulphur. This is why pigeons need all the necessary nutrients to meet these needs. Cheap mixes do not have a balanced composition or contain sufficient amino acids such as methionine and cysteine. The percentage of small seeds, sunflower seeds and carbohydrates provides the correct amount of these crucial amino acids.

A good moult is the basis for good continuation to breeding. It is important the pigeons are in a healthy condition when they start moulting. Finesse Moulting contains the ideal ratio of nutrients your pigeon requires. After moulting, switch to Finesse Winter & Rest. And for silky soft feathers, we recommend the following Natural by-products:

  • Naturamine+: a tonic full of minerals, trace elements and important amino acids.

  • Naturaline: a concentrated extract of fifteen different plants and herbs.

  • Kolombavit: a highly concentrated multivitamin complex with exceptional properties.

  • Garlic Oil


    X'tra Oil: essential fatty acids cannot be produced by the pigeon itself and must therefore be provided as a supplement. These fatty acids guarantee correct cell functioning and stimulate hormone production. Ideal for building up condition and immunity.

  • Vitaminor: brewer’s yeast from wort, cereals and sugar derivatives. 100% natural, without additives. This will ensure the nutritional values of all natural ingredients are fully preserved. Rich in proteins, amino acids and vitamin B.

  • Choline Care: aromatic herbal elixir with sulphur-based amino acids for a purifying and degreasing effect on the liver. Ideal for the good development of the feathering. Stimulates appetite and metabolism.

  • Performance 20: do not forget to provide an extra boost with proteins, vitamins and trace elements.

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