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You should take the following into account when feeding pigeons during the racing season:

A. Fast recovery

To recover quickly after the race, widowers or hens are first given one meal supplemented with Nutri Powder+. This Spirulina-enriched powder contains easily digestible proteins, amino acids, lipids and carbohydrates. Add Kolombasol or Electrolitand Naturamine+ to the drinking water so the pigeons can recover quickly and their muscles remain in top condition. Only muscles working optimally can absorb and release energy.

B. Load the muscles with energy

See the feeding schedules linked to the flight distances. Natural offers 3 specific sports mixes within the Finesse range: “Sport, Sprint & Marathon”. Use this in conjunction with “Light & Depurative” after returning home from a flight. And use “Wizard & Energy” as preparation for the next race.

These easily-digestible sports mixes give the pigeon all the energy it needs. This is thanks to the small seed sizes and four different top-quality maizes: French cribs, bordeaux, popcorn and black maize. The bordeaux and black maizes are rich in anti-oxidants, which translates into better cell protection and faster recovery of the muscles after exertion.The ideal balance between cereals and seeds in the Natural Finesse mixes guarantees high absorption, as long as you use it up to the very last race.

Moisten the feed with Garlic Oil or X'tra Oil during the second half of the week. This product contains 10 types of oil, vitamin E and lecithin. As a result, the ingredients containing fat in this mixture are more quickly converted into as much energy as possible. Then dry the mixture with Vitaminor brewer’s yeast. Vitaminor, which is rich in natural B vitamins, proteins and trace elements, will improve the condition of the pigeons.

After all, Finesse Wizard is an energy-rich mix. It contains more than 25% fat to give the pigeon an extra energy boost. Pigeons have a fat metabolism. This means that they get most of their energy from fats. Fat is the most important fuel for a pigeon’s metabolism and the main energy source for the animal’s pectoral muscles.

The right fatty acids also play a crucial role in building the general condition and resistance of pigeons. This energy type can be released into the pigeon’s body very quickly when it needs a quick “energy boost”. This is important for short, intense exertion such as when the pigeon takes off after release, or when it climbs, lands, dodges obstacles and accelerates.

Why does Finesse Wizard & Energy contain so many sunflower seeds and kardi? Kardi and hulled sunflower seeds are not only rich in easily-digestible, high-quality proteins, they also contain a lot of oil, phosphorus and many other vitamins.

C. Healthy pigeons

Healthy pigeons perform better. But keeping pigeons healthy does not mean filling them with medication. It is better to maintain the pigeons’ natural resistance by supplementing their feed with simple nutritional supplements. The Natural range offers a wide choice:

  • Bronchial Care : an aromatic herbal elixir that opens the airways to get more oxygen to the muscles.

  • Kolombasol : contains liquid electrolytes for an easy, complete recovery, and is enriched with L-carnitine for optimal fat burning.

  • Naturaline: a concentrated extract of fifteen different plants and herbs to promote the general resistance of the pigeon.

  • Naturamine+ : a tonic full of minerals, trace elements and important amino acids.

  • Digestion Care: an aromatic herbal elixir that helps with typical intestinal or excreta problems, often caused by parasites. Strengthens the general immunity by having a positive effect on the intestinal flora and the inhibition of the development of intestinal parasites.

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