MAXI 2M becomes 3M

now three types of maize in the mix

Natural upgrades the MAXI range!

Bordeaux maize will be introduced to these popular mixes in addition to yellow French cribs maize, yellow Argentinian popcorn, and orange maize.

Throughout the season, from breeding to moulting, you can choose either cribs or popcorn as the main ingredient in the mix. In addition, these blends are now enriched with bordeaux maize in addition to orange. These not only add more colour but also more intrinsic qualities.

Both you and your pigeons can only benefit from it!

Advantages of bordeaux maize:

Bordeaux maize ...

  • particularly rich in energy
  • has an ideal protein-to-fat ratio
  • contains a large amount of antioxidants

This means

  • better immunity-building
  • better cell protection
  • faster muscle recovery after exertion

And results in

  • healthier pigeons
  • with better stamina
  • that perform better

Natural Granen is FCA* certified.

*Feed Chain Alliance.

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