The best French Cribs Maize.

The French Cribs is a maize which has been dried naturally and slowly in the open air, which gives it a very high germination rate. Natural has been using this maize in its mixtures since 1967 and strongly recommends it to its customers.

Natural's experts are indeed convinced that French Cribs maize offer a range of advantages.

  • It is selected on site and only the finest batches are chosen.
  • It is stored and transported in optimum conditions.
  • Its germination capacity is extremely high owing to the fact that it has dried in the open air, in the field, for six months.
  • Guaranteed that the maize keeps all of its natural qualities which are necessary for the correct nutrition of racing pigeon. We guarantee the same quality all year round.

The Natural Granen company is FCA* certified.

*Feed Chain Alliance

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