A modern feeding method

Natural Finesse is known for being a modern feeding method with a large variety of balanced, tasty mixes.

Natural Finesse is based on the latest feed findings. This range is ideal for pigeon fanciers who prefer a simple but efficient feeding method.

The Natural Finesse system and the Natural Finesse mixes have been tested by many pigeon fanciers in several top lofts. We have compiled the Natural Finesse mixes based on our knowledge and experience of the nutritional needs of pigeons during the breeding, moulting and rest periods, as well as the sporting season.

Each local market has specific products and habits. In an increasingly global world, anyone can benefit from this knowledge. The result is a wider range from which the pigeon fancier can make the appropriate choice for their pigeon, taking the season, necessity and personal insight in consideration.

The current compositions are also enriched with both burgundy and black maize, which is very beneficial for the health and performance of the pigeon. They are rich in anti-oxidants that benefit the best recovery after exertion. Lab analyses back these numbers up: burgundy and black maize contain up to 350% more of these all-natural health-promoting support nutrients than regular corn. Finesse ensures your pigeons can benefit from this know-how!

Natural Finesse-mixes:

  • Are high quality products

  • Have a very varied composition

  • Form a balanced diet

  • Meet the needs of the pigeon

  • Guarantee high uptake and less waste

  • Have been tested by successful pigeon fanciers all over the world

  • They are ultimately beneficial for the pigeon and the enthusiast


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