Natural Naturamine +

Tonic of minerals, trace elements and important amino acids

Natural Naturamine+ improves the physical condition of the pigeon during the sports season. Natural Naturamine+ is an ideal supplement during the breeding and moulting season. It's essential to administer extra minerals and trace elements during these two periods.

If you use Natural Naturamine+, your breeding season is guaranteed to be a success; you will get healthy young birds; your pigeons will be in top condition; and they will moult perfectly.

The mineral salts and trace elements in the liquid form of Natural Naturamine+ are easily tolerated and absorbed, in contrast to solids. Only a very small percentage of the nutrients in solids is absorbed, which means the positive effect is much smaller.

By adding important amino acids such as lysine (important for the growth of the pigeon) and methionine (for better cell function in the muscles), and thanks to its unique composition, Natural Naturamine+ is a very efficient tonic for maintaining the physical condition and general health of the pigeon.

  • Improves physical condition
  • Promotes growth
  • Improves liver function through the glutathione system (detoxification and antioxidation)
  • Stimulates the production of haemoglobin in the red blood cells
  • Optimal use of the trace elements due to better absorption in the form of chelates

Instructions for use

Always start with a cure for 5 consecutive days. Dosage: 5 ml per litre of drinking water.

  • During breeding periods: up to 3 times per week from mating until after weaning of the young.
  • During the sports season: 1 time per week when returning home after a flight.
  • During the moulting period: 2 times per week.

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