Natural Aqua Care

Herbal enriched drinking water promoter

Acidifying and disinfecting drinking water provides positive stimulation for metabolism and digestion while strengthening useful intestinal flora.

Acidifying the drinking water is essential. Microbial pathogens often originate in a contaminated drinking bowl. Simply acidifying the water to a level of 3,8 to 4,5 pH avoids this potential contamination. Unlike ordinary apple cider vinegar, Natural Aqua Care can find its way deep into the pigeon’s digestive system where it is more useful. An acidic environment is created in the crop, stomach, and intestines, which greatly reduces the risk of infections.

At the same time, the natural digestive enzymes in the intestines are positively stimulated, and the healthy microbial intestinal balance creates optimal immunity. Squabs certainly benefit, as their intestinal flora is still in full development. 

Contains traces of zinc and copper for a more efficient metabolism, and oregano, cinnamon, and spearmint essential oils for extra protection against bacterial pathogens.

Instructions for use


10 ml per litre of drinking water.


All year round.

Overview article references

203090 Natural Aqua Care 500 ML

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