Natural Kolombasol

Energy drink with extra minerals, trace elements, and necessary amino acids.

Promotes quick recovery after a flight or intense training by removing waste products and replenishing the used minerals.

Sporting exertion can weigh heavily on a pigeon’s constitution. After returning home, the pigeon’s constitution can benefit from an additional application of all the necessary nutrients, extra sugars, and minerals. Compensation for the loss of moisture must be balanced, without leading to additional loss of nutrients or trace elements.  

Natural Kolombasol ensures a smooth recovery and full recovery after every exertion, which is crucial for long-term performance. With L-carnitine for optimal fat burning, energy supply, and to prevent muscle acidification. Ideal for weak pigeons to prevent dehydration due to diarrhoea.

Also a welcome addition for breeding pigeons, which desperately need these electrolytes to compensate for the loss of minerals during egg laying.

Instructions for use


15 ml per litre of drinking water.


  • Always start with a cure 2 to 3 days a week. 
  • Increase to 25 ml during periods of breeding, as well as during excessive consumption of minerals or periods with thin manure. 
  • During the racing season – upon returning home and after a flight, then increase to 25 ml the following day.

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202380 Natural Kolombasol 500 ML

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