Our vision “Creating Winners every day”, based on 3 key pillars


  • High level standards in buying straights worldwide
  • High-tech production unit for manufacturing top quality mixtures for pigeons
  • Straights can be bought seperately as well


  • All Natural mixtures for pigeons have been developed, based on the needs of the modern pigeon sport. They are tested worldwide by successful pigeon fanciers and in cooperation with the Descheemaecker Pigeon Centre.
  • Our different ranges of pigeon mixtures stand for high quality, well balanced mixtures with a focus on the optimal nutritional values. Always following the needs of the pigeons during the different seasons.


We have four ranges to fulfill every need:

  1. Natural Finesse mixtures: top-range mixtures
  2. Natural Maxi mixtures: mid-range mixtures
  3. Natural Special mixtures: to be used in combination with Natural Finesse or Natural Maxi mixtures. These mixtures can also be used as a top up in the feeding system of the fancier.
  4. Natural Select mixtures: standard level mixtures, which can be topped up by the fanciers with additional straights or Natural Special mixtures following the fancier’s choice.

Our easy to understand feeding guides are applicable with all of the above mixtures.

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