A modern feeding method

Natural Finesse represents a modern feeding method with highly varied, ideally balanced and attractive mixtures.

Natural Finesse is based on the most recent knowledge in the field of feeds. It focuses on the pigeon fancier who prefers a simple but efficient feeding method.

The Natural Finesse system and the Natural Finesse mixtures were tested by different pigeon fanciers and in several top lofts. By combining our knowledge and experience regarding the nutritional requirements of the pigeon during the breeding, racing, moulting and resting season Natural was able to work out the basis of the Natural Finesse mixtures.

Natural Finesse Mixtures

  • Are quality products
  • Have a very varied composition
  • Have a well-balanced nutritional pattern
  • Meet the requirements of the pigeon
  • Guarantee a high intake and reduced waste
  • Were tested worldwide by successful pigeon fanciers
  • Were successfully tested in lofts of our staff
  • Benefit both to pigeons and fanciers

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