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Natural Finesse Breeding

Creates superb breeding results

  • High protein contents
  • Provides ideal protein contents during the breeding period
  • Guarantees growth and maintenance of the body
  • Small grains and seeds are ideal for weaning

Only the very best preparation of the breeding pigeons before coupling and proper care during the breeding season are able to guarantee vital young pigeons. Feeding a well-balanced diet is one of the main elements to guarantee good breeding results.

We advise to feed Natural Finesse Breeding from ten days before coupling. From that moment onwards we advise to feed the breeders at least two days per week 5 ml of Natural Naturamine per litre of drinking water. 

If the breeding pigeons are taken care of in this way it will result in the laying of their eggs without problems and they will have the opportunity to pass on good characteristics to their young. It is important during the breeding period to feed Natural Vitamineral, Grit and Picking Stone every day.

If the cock is chasing the hen and the breeding couples are rearing the youngsters, mix Natural Garlic Oil (enriched with vitamin E) with the Natural Finesse Breeding and dry the mix with Natural Vitaminor. Wait for approximately one hour before feeding until the mix is dry.

The highly varied composition of Natural Finesse Breeding with small ingredients guarantees ideal intake of this feed and provides all the necessary proteins for successful breeding.

These proteins also guarantee ideal growth of the young birds. You must realise that the newly born youngsters will increase their weight 100 times by the time they are 25 days old! Feed Natural Finesse Breeding from weaning until the end of May.

Overview article references

105374720 20 kg
11 10 kg


Maize popcorn 13%
Wheat white 13%
Safflower seed 10.5%
Dunpeas 10%
Peas green small 10%
Soya toasted 5%
Maple peas 5%
Maize small red 5%
Milo 5%
Tares 5%
Dari white 5.5%
Peas yellow 5%
Mung beans 2.5%
Sunflowerseed striped 1.5%
Linseed 1%
Maria Thistle seed 0.5%
Hempseed 0.5%
Black rapeseed 0.5%
Lentils 0.5%
Millet yellow 0.5%
Canaryseed 0.5%

Analytical constituants

Crude protein 17.10%
Crude fat 6.77%
Crude ash 2.55%
Crude fibre 7.61%
Carbohydrates 53.56%

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