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Natural Finesse Sport

A fixture during the racing season

  • Is a highly varied and excellent racing mixture
  • Contains easily digestible proteins
  • Guarantees the right intake of easily digestible fats

One of the main assets to score with widowers is to feed them a mixture that meets their specific nutritional requirements during the racing season.

The Natural Finesse feed concept was subjected to practical tests and we were able to discover for ourselves that the Natural Finesse feed concept fully meets the requirements of the widowers during the racing season.

Elements which play an important part in the feeding of pigeons during the racing season:


To obtain swift recovery after the race the widowers are first fed one meal of Natural Finesse Sport + 4 g Natural Nutripower per pigeon. Natural Nutripower contains easily digestible proteins, amino acids, lipids and carbohydrates.

First mix 20 g of Natural Electrolit and then 5 ml of Natural Naturamine per litre of drinking water to guarantee swift recovery of the pigeons and keep their muscles in top condition.

Only ideally functioning muscles can be loaded with energy.


Instructions for use: see feeding schedule in combination with the flight distances. This easily digestible racing mixture provides all the energy that is required via three different kinds of top quality maize (French cribs, Bordeaux and popcorn) as well as small seeds.

The ideal balance between grains and seeds in the Natural Finesse mixtures guarantees a high intake as long as it is fed until the very last race.

Moisten the feed with Natural Garlic Oil during the second half of the week. This product contains vitamin E, soy oil and lecithin, which accelerates the conversion of the fat-containing ingredients of this mixture into maximum energy. The mix that is moistened with the garlic oil must be left to dry with Natural Vitaminor brewer’s yeast. Thanks to Natural Vitaminor, which contains vitamins B and high quality trace elements, you improve the condition of the pigeons. Natural Finesse Wizard is an energy-rich mixture containing 26,14 % fats which allow you to “top up” the pigeon’s body with extra energy.


Healthy pigeons perform better. Nobody will challenge that. To keep pigeons healthy does not mean that they must be excessively subjected to different cures. Pigeons that are given too much medicines won’t last long.


Try to maintain a high level of resistance of the pigeons in a “natural” way by providing them with the most simple “feed supplements”. Natural Naturaline, Natural Naturamine, Natural Vitaminor and Natural Naturavit are the best examples for this.

Overview article references

105372720 20 kg


Safflower seed 17.5%
Dari white 15.5%
Maize cribs 13%
Maize small red 8%
Maize popcorn 7%
Milo 7%
Wheat white 7%
Soya toasted 5%
Mung beans 5%
Peas green small 5%
Black rapeseed 2%
Linseed 2%
Millet yellow 2%
Paddy rice 2%
Canaryseed 2%

Analytical constituants

Crude protein 13.44%
Crude fat 9.43%
Crude ash 2.32%
Crude fibre 8.39%
Carbohydrates 53.79%

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