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Natural Finesse Professional

Tested by Gordon Bros. - N-Ireland

  • To feed upfront expected tough races or weather conditions
  • With sunflower hearts
  • A large supplier of proteins, fats and carbs

A a racing mixture developed by nutritionist for the racing season in the UK and IRL.

Natural Finesse Professional mix is a mix designed to be used in conjunction with distance & weather, with velocities in mind of 1500’s downwards.

Natural Finesse Professional is the best mix (high fat content via the sunflower hearts and peeled peanuts) to be fed on Wednesday & Thursday to put fuel in the tank for testing racing. 

Also Natural Finesse Professional is the perfect mix to add to the traditional widowhood mixes when the distance increases. 

For races from 180 to 350 miles: 50% Natural Finesse Professional with 50% Natural Finesse Sport or Natural Finesse Super Sprint.

For races from 350 miles and more, Natural Finesse Professional mix can be fed all the week up to day if basketing when the final day Natural Finesse Super Energy is to be fed.


Maize French 22%
Peas green 11%
Safflower seed 10%
Dari 7%
Maple peas 6%
Dunpeas 5%
Maize popcorn 5%
Milo 5%
Wheat 5%
Buckwheat 2%
Peeled oats 2%
Mung beans 2%
Groundnuts peeled LS 2%
Black rapeseed 2%
Linseed 2%
Lentils 2%
Paddy rice 2%
Tares 2%
Sunflowerseed peeled 2%
Hempseed 1%
Millet yellow 1%
Sesamseed extra 1%
Canaryseed 1%

Analytical constituants

Crude protein 15.07%
Crude fat 9.31%
Crude ash 2.40%
Crude fibre 6.99%
Carbohydrates 54.23%

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