Natural Fancy pigeon mixture without maize – light

  • Maintenance mix without maize suitable for all show pigeon breeds.
  • Recommended especially for show pigeons that benefit more from a light diet.

Overview article references

105096720 20kg.


Dari 20%
Wheat 20%
Milo 14%
Safflower seed 8%
Peas green small 8%
Barley 5%
Tares 5%
Peeled oats 4%
Paddy rice 4%
Buckwheat 3%
Linseed 3%
Sunflowerseed striped 3%
Rapeseed 1%
Millet yellow 1%
Canaryseed 1%

Analytical constituants

Crude protein 13.4%
Crude fat 6.3%
Crude cellulose 6.9%
Crude ash 2.2%
Carbohydrates 60%

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